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Dr Nikos Tsorakidis
Dr Nikos Tsorakidis

From Richard Castello, Youngstown State University, 2014


 It has been two months since I have returned to the States after completing the LEB program and I know you stated that you wanted periodic updates about the adjustment in returning home and settling back into a normal way of life after experiencing life in London. I must admit that the reverse-culture shock was much more overwhelming in returning to the States then the minimal shock I personally experienced in arriving, traveling and staying in London and around Europe. Precisely as you stated would happen, it was a tad difficult settling back into life having had the experiences I had in London and returning to a life where people couldn't fathom the experiences I had been through. Friends, family and colleagues, having never had comparable experiences, were hard to connect with in wanting to share my experiences. Even returning to my studies in the MBA program at YSU has been an adjustment in that the MBA program often focuses business concepts and practice on a smaller more domestic scale, compared to the (much more interesting in my opinion) interconnected, global  focus we concentrated on at LEB. 


Returning home to a more simple way of life in a much smaller city really made me reflect on, and appreciate more, the experiences I had in London and having only had a small taste of London life (having only been there for a month) has left me with a yearning and desire to return to London and continue to build my business knowledge, experiences and acumen on a global scale. In wanting to return I am currently applying for the Mountbatten Program in which, if selected, I would be allotted the opportunity to work and study in London for one year.


To be blunt, I fell in love with London while participating in the LEB program and I would like to return to the city and have the opportunity to travel more of Europe to become a more culturally educated and culturally understanding person life").

From Emma Wegner, Tiffin University, 2015


LEB Awesomeness



I just wanted to email all of you to tell the good news!


Tonight we had a student meet-and-greet. Students who had done research projects or study abroad programs or whatever set up a booth to tell their tale!


I am honored to say that the LEB Program booth won first prize and a $500 gift card to the bookstore! Haley and I have decided to share - with Bethani as well - the winnings!


Soooooo, I just wanted to say thank you for such a marvelous time and I hope to see you soon!


Lots of love

From Grace Becker, Maryville University, 2015



I am just letting you know that our flights went smoothly and we all returned safely. I really enjoyed my semester with LEB, thank you for making it one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I will email you in a few weeks with any updates. Have a great summer!

From Kathleen Buck, Maryville University, 2015


One of the best semesters of my life was spent studying abroad through LEB. :)

From Alex Smith, Texas Christian University, 2014


This is Alex from TCU, from the Harrods practicum the last 5 weeks. I just wated to say thank you so much for putting on such a great practicum for us. I think we all really enjoyed our time spent working with Harrods and in London in general. This was partially due to you. You made our practicum so fun and worthwhile, I really appreciate all your effors in ensuring that we were successful. I will have the memory of working with Harrods forever, and I can't wait to tell all of my family and friends how great my experience was. It truly was amazing!  

Thanks again,
 Alex Smith

From Jessica Cournan, Youngstown State University, 2014


I wanted to first thank you for all your help and being so welcoming. I had a wonderful experience in London. I never thought in a million years that I would study abroad, but I am so extremely happy I did. I learned so much about life, travelling, and people in general from this experience. 


At first I was very nervous to be leaving my family for a whole month. I had never in my whole life done anything without them and this was the first time that I was going to get to explore a whole new world before my mother and father. I was also fearful because I also didn't really know anyone coming on the trip, but all in all it turned out great! We all became a family! It was really cool that we were learning how to no only navigate London, but plan side trips and navigate them as well.


Additionally, being part of the Harrods group for the practicum was an absolute pleasure. I really enjoyed working with everyone in the group. I was very pleased with how everthing went.




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